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Gerber Mini Photo

Maid of Honor:  Alexis Korchynsky
Alexis is the younger, but taller, sister of the bride.  We all eagerly look forward to the great speech she'll give at the wedding!  (Very similar to her entire life), in the months approaching the wedding, Alexis is excited about listening to the bride and doing anything she asks her to do!  That is just because she loves her older sister :)       

Bridesmaid:  Jennifer Lyons
Jen is the bride’s cousin. The two spent many gatherings together "being good" ... from drawing on the back of closet doors to singing fun songs at birthday parties. As they are only 3 months apart, she probably knows more about the bride's life than anyone will ever need to know! Don’t ask her – she’s not allowed to tell!

Bridesmaid:  Kristin Facinelli
Kristin is a friend of the bride.  They met during their freshman year in HS – in French class  and in sharing the leadership roles on the freshman basketball team together (ha!).  Since then, they have shared many "special" moments in the WC area…trips to the shore, colleges (Kristin LOVES PSU!) and Philly. 

Bridesmaid:  Jessica Morini
Jess is a friend of the bride.  She and the bride met at Penn State during summer session of 1998.  They enjoyed the years of faithfully attending classes (and football games), learning (how to play beer pong) and frolicking around campus (frats and bars anyone?). 

Best Man:  Lewis Watson III
Lewis is the groom’s older brother. Lewis and James grew up in Philly cultivating their appreciation of Mustangs and fast vehicles together. Today, only one of them drives a go-fast car (er, truck). :-D

Groomsman:  Damian Korchynsky
Damian is the younger brother of the bride.  As he and Marissa grew up through the years, they enjoyed "fighting" over the Nintendo, playing with their Pound Puppies, and sledding in the yard.  More importantly, the two always made sure that Alexis sat in the middle seat of the backseat during the many car trips they all took together.      

Groomsman:  Vance Carter
Vance is a friend of the groom.  He claims that he was one of the first to know about the relationship between the bride and groom. (And really, he was!) Occasionally, James would allow Vance to beat him at a game of Tiger Woods. Heh.  

Groomsman:  Dan Sodja
Dan is a friend of the groom.  Dan and James became close friends while both living in Texas. They enjoyed many Sunday afternoons debating the finer points of Superbowl XV over a cold one.